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The 1925 IDA MAY Oyster Dredge in Oyster Bay NY Harbor  by William Jonas
The Ida May Under Construction - November 2016

2019 1st Quarter Progress Report

Work progressed over the winter months with installation of the curved main staircase completed.  The stairs will be varnished and the stair structure painted.  Holes for the Trunk Cabin ports were cut. The rub rail along the sides of the boat was shaped and installed.  Final fairing is underway.  We continued to make hatch gratings and completed applying the fiberglass coating to the hatch covers. The steering shaft was rehabbed, and we purchased a nice ships wheel at an extremely reasonable rate.  The wheel has been sanded and refinished, and a new hub added.  We also purchased a used Windlass and it has been sent out for rehab. Work slowed somewhat as the shipwright turned his attention to repair of Christeen’s mast.  As in the past, our volunteers are helping out with Christeen maintenance.

2019 2


 Quarter Progress Report

Major progress was made with completion of the Trunk Cabin.  The roof beams and framing were faired and tongue & grove planking was installed. Two layers of plywood were then added and the roof was covered in Dynel cloth. Completing this step allows us to move forward with the next major phase – construction of the Pilot House. We completed the Bulwark planking.  Rub rails were faired and sanded.  The curved staircase was varnished and the interior structure received a coat of paint.  Hatch gratings were completed. Progress was made on installing the bulkheads for the Head, however there is an issue with the Coast Guard regulation for the width of the door.  The original boat had a door width of 24”, and that is how our architect drew up the plans.  The plans were submitted and approved by the Coast Guard, but they are now questioning the design.  Once a final decision is made by the CG we can finish construction of the head.  We were able to install some bulkheads for the Head, including below deck, fore and aft. Wood was milled for the facing of the bunks and installation started.  We also started milling planking for the Pilot House.