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The IDA MAY Project
The 1925 IDA MAY Oyster Dredge in Oyster Bay NY Harbor  by William Jonas
                  Contractors McCurdy & Rhodes - Naval Architects Fonatine Design Group - Naval Architects Steve McNally Josh Herman - Shipright
Board of Directors - July 2020 George Lindsay  President George Baker Vice President Jack Hoyt   Secretary Bruce Levinson Treasurer Jamie Deming Gregory Druhak Dadmar Karppi Bill Shephard
The Christeen Corp, which is building the Ida May, has no full-time employees. It is an organization run by a volunteer board of directors.  Contractors are hired for professional services such as shipwrights Dave Short, who built the frame, and Josh Herman who is leading the project now.  Ian McCurdy of McCurdy and Rhodes marine architecture firm drew the plans and is working with the Coast Guard for certification of the vessel. Other experts are called in as necessary. Most of the labor is provided by volunteers!  There can be no understatement of the human elements of the Project, both in what the volunteers put into it as well as what they get from it.  What goes into the boat are time, expertise, patience, skill, and affection.  In return the volunteers receive the benefits of friendships, teamwork, productivity, commitment and pride in building something of lasting value.  Most of the volunteers are retirees, and many were engineers who worked for Grumman, Northrup, and Sperry.  Others were carpenters, sole proprietors, and wooden boat owners.  All of them appreciate having an “office” down at Building J where they go on most Tuesdays and Thursdays, bringing their lunch and work gloves, ready to apply elbow grease.  So, if you’d like to be part of recreating history, fill out the                                         Form and “Come On Down”. Volunteer Application Volunteer Application
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The Ida May Under Construction - November 2016