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The IDA MAY Project
Built in 1925, the original Ida May was the first oyster dredge built with an engine instead of a sail.  She worked in Oyster Bay for 75 years.  Her replica follows her lines as closely as possible while also incorporating new requirements by the Coast Guard that will certify her to take passengers on board.   The Ida May is 50 ft. long and 17 ft. wide.  When finished, she will be able to take 44 passengers out on the water.  Her wide, open deck will provide a platform conducive to educational programs, public cruises and private charters.  The Ida May will call attention to the dedication of oyster farmers and to the sustainability of aquaculture in our harbors.  She will represent the maritime history of our area.  She will be a tribute the effort and teamwork it takes to complete her reconstruction, and to the art of traditional wooden boat-building.
The 1925 IDA MAY Oyster Dredge in Oyster Bay NY Harbor  by William Jonas
IDA MAY HISTORY 1925 - Frank Flower builds the IDA MAY. The First 75 Years are HERE! 2003 - After 75 years of working on the Bay, Frank M Flower & Sons oyster company               donated the Ida May to The WaterFront Centre to be restored as a land exhibit.  2007 - NYS Senator Marcellino secured a grant to take the lines of the Ida May for               historical records. 2008 - NYS Senator Marcellino obtained a second grant to prepare planning and              construction drawings for a replica that would also meet Coast Guard safety              requirements.  2010 - Christeen Corp volunteers outfitted Building J to become a boatbuilding shop Volunteers began milling wood 2011 - Work began on constructing the Ida May under shipwright Dave Short Lofting Building frames Installing the keel Keel Ceremony 2012 - Frame Construction Bow frames Inside Frames Temporary work stoppage due to lack of funds 2013  - Shipwright Josh Herman takes on the Project Beginning to shape and install floor beams 2014 - Equipment Failures and Remedial Work Built the steam box Added floor beams, sheer strake, bilge stringers, and sheer clamps 2015 - Beam Shelf Built Signed contract for NYS Parks Department Reimbursement Grant Built the deck frames Added ceiling planks throughout the inside of the hull 2016 - Bulkheads and bulwarks constructed Shaft log, shaft tube, cutlass bearing & engine beds installed 2017 Paint interior Install floor boards Make patern for rudder and have it manufactured Begin Deck structures
The Ida May Under Construction - November 2016