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2016 OYSTER FESTIVAL VOULENTEERS NEEDED! You   may   know   about   the   Ida   May   Project   but   you   may   not   be   aware,   NYS   Senator   Carl   Marcellino   has facilitated   our   getting   a   $125,000   NYS   Economic   Development   grant   for   which   we   need   to   have   $65,000 more to qualify. This   year   for   the   first   time   we   have   been   given   the   opportunity   to   sell   Greek   food   in   the   Oyster   Festival Food   Court   as   a   not-for-profit   group   fundraiser.   This   is   a   big   opportunity   for   us,   but   to   do   it   we   need volunteers.      We   plan   to   have   two   four-hour   shifts   of   six   people   each,   for   each   of   the   two   days   at   this   year’s Oyster    Festival,    Saturday    and    Sunday,    Oct.    15    and    16.    The    festival    runs    from    11    a.m.    to    6    p.m.    The volunteers   will   be   at   the   IMP   booth,   selling   Greek   food,   by   taking   orders,   giving   the   order   to   the   cooks   and bringing the food to the customers. We   are   hoping   that   you,   or   a   family   member   or   good   friend   is   willing   to   give   the   IMP   a   hand,   to   help   “float our   boat.”   If   you   are   interested   in   volunteering   for   one   of   the   shifts,   or   even   for   a   couple   of   hours,   give   us   a call   at   516-305-9204   and   leave   a   message.   You   can   also   email   idamayproject@gmail.com    with   the   days and time you can work. The   Ida   May   oyster   dredge   replica,   is   currently   being   built   by   volunteers   as   a   project   of   the   not-for-profit Christeen   Oyster   Sloop   Preservation   Corp.   The   work   is   being   done   by   volunteers   under   the   direction   of   a professional   shipwright,   Josh   Herman,   in   Building   J   at   the   Oyster   Bay   Western   Waterfront.      Their   mission is    to    preserve    the    tradition    of    wooden    boatbuilding    in    Oyster    Bay,    by    replicating    this    historically significant    vessel,    which    will    be    used    for    marine    education,    tours    of    the    bay,    and    other    recreational opportunities   that   will   bring   people   out   on   Oyster   Bay   and   allow   them   to   enjoy   and   learn   about   this precious resource."
The 1925 IDA MAY Oyster Dredge in Oyster Bay NY Harbor  by William Jonas
The Ida May Under Construction - November 2016